Hudson Debacle - Rock music from Somerville

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Hudson Debacle Midi Files

Click on the names to download MP3 files. Right+click to save to your hardrive.
  1. I don't know the Man with No Feet
  2. The Hospital in the Ocean
  3. We Young and Handsome Gentlemen
  4. Drinking with my Friends
  5. Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
  6. The Little Boy who...
  7. Stupid Yesterday
  8. Stupid Tomorrow
  9. Crimes of the Dancefloor Make-out Artist
  10. The Planet Earth Ejector Seat
  11. The Goddess Fabric
  12. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  13. The Wretch and the Devil
  14. Sad Berlin
  15. Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere
  16. The Fantastic Asshole
  17. The Hudson Debacle Part II
  18. Lost in a Parking Lot
  19. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
  20. The Moon Rolled in the Sea
  21. How to Fight a Girl
  22. Stupid Saturday
  23. Icecream!
  24. Stumblebaby
When Jeff and Xavi write, they use thier computers and keyboards with midi software. Here are the files if you 1) want to dick with them, 2) sing along like YOU are in the Hudson Debacle, or 3) plaguerize our music, yet don't like to listen and copy it.

Be warned, they weren't saved as general midi, so they'll open and play all fucked up unless your a midi expert with some real software. Maybe we'll fix them for everyone else sometime.

The Fantastic Asshole

The Little boy who...

How to fight a girl

Lost in the parking lot

The Model of my Affection

The Hospital in the Ocean

Stupid Yesterday

Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
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