Hudson Debacle - Music like Blink 182, Afghan Whigs

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Hudson Debacle Reviews

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  1. I don't know the Man with No Feet
  2. The Hospital in the Ocean
  3. We Young and Handsome Gentlemen
  4. Drinking with my Friends
  5. Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
  6. The Little Boy who...
  7. Stupid Yesterday
  8. Stupid Tomorrow
  9. Crimes of the Dancefloor Make-out Artist
  10. The Planet Earth Ejector Seat
  11. The Goddess Fabric
  12. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  13. The Wretch and the Devil
  14. Sad Berlin
  15. Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere
  16. The Fantastic Asshole
  17. The Hudson Debacle Part II
  18. Lost in a Parking Lot
  19. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
  20. The Moon Rolled in the Sea
  21. How to Fight a Girl
  22. Stupid Saturday
  23. Icecream!
  24. Stumblebaby

Only one true review exist for the Hudson Debacle, and its bad:

Okay, raise your hands if you listen to They Might Be Giants on a regular basis. Those of you with our hands up, go buy this, ya gimps. Personally, I think the last thing the music world needs is another joke band. If cleverness is more important to you than actual fucking songs, do NOT form a band- be a rock critic or something equally pretentious and ultimately useless (at least when rock critics are self-inflatingly clever, people find it endearing). The saddest thing about this band is that they play the hell out of their instruments, and if they would just see the light and kick out the jams instead of smirking at their own wit, they could be among the saviors of a dying music world.

Look at some of the song titles: "(I Don't Know) The Man With No Feet," "The Little Boy Who Was Hit By Lightning While Playing Baseball When It Wasn't Even Raining," or "Daddy Drinks Because You Cry." Makes you want to punch someone, don't it? But hell, they helped me fill my word quota, which is to their benefit. (Tim Emswiler)

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