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Overman - Racecar! Redux 2003 - Before Overman

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  1. Overboy
  2. Grow
  3. Scaredy Cat
  4. Iíll Go Alone
  5. Free Delivery
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Funny
  8. Out of the Way
  9. Spider Eggs
  10. Tomorrow
  11. I Donít Need You
  12. Overman
  13. Love/Sex Relationship
  14. Every Word
  15. Party Favor
  16. Shame
  17. Keep Your Voices Down
  18. Jokes Over
  19. Overandout

I can't say that I see any real genuine value in transcribing Overman lyrics. Afterall, I typically made them up while singing live. There were some reoccurring themes, which I will try to give examples off.

Dumbness and drunkeness
The song 'Bunnysuit' was about a silly one-piece pajama-type costume that would have bunny ears attached (like in the Cadbury's chocolate egg commercial where the kid in the bunnysuit says 'thank you easter-bunny'). The song's only fully lyric was 'my bunnysuit.whooo!'. The rest were 'please NO!.Please NO!oh my god, this sucks!' In 'Beans' we would did a punk rock rendition of the poem 'beans beans good for your heart' every time someone in the crowd yelled 'beans!'. The fun never ended.

Sexual and potty humor
The song 'Party Favor' went 'will you sit and suck on dick, will you be my little party bitch!'. The song 'Love/Sex Relationship' went 'I don't want to fall in love, I just want to FUUUCKKK!'. (I didn't even make that up myself, I think it was some classy bumpersticker) Good times had by all.

Teenage angst toward ex-girlfriends
A good majority were in this category. 'Thanksgiving Day' went: 'I sucked down her philosophy and now she wants to set me free, but now she's got it wrong and I'm still all alone today.Thanks a lot for nothing, Mrs. Why'.

Pretend Overman mythology
The songs 'Overman', 'Overboy', and 'Spidereggs' were all self-referential and praising (like rap artist constantly do). They were all in good fun.

Perhaps sometime in the future this will be updated. Perhaps it will be left off altogether.

Overman Redux 2003 Lyrics

The lyrics below are the updated lyrics from the Redux 2003 project. They are essentially the same, just adjusted for old-timey people like me:


You know I couldn’t ask for more than things to go my way
There’s times I wished I’d quit my job, sometime I wish I stayed,
My economy, so down on me and my jumpin’ skeleton
Learning to bitch a lot, and testing like a champ
Go jump, go fish, go and wash your hair
Its caked with shit, leave it if you dare
Why can’t it stay alive, why must it die?
I planted that seed in the ground
What will make it grow
Time like these, they stare me stiff and always chill my blood
My blood is mud, and mud is just, alcohol for some
No harmony came out of me or my dancin’ skeleton
If you thought this was gardening, you’d probably be wrong
Come hop on pop, that seed ain’t gonna grow
With no good home, no home mean no go
Why can’t it stay alive, why must it die?

Scaredy cat
I look ahead to see the end and it makes me
Hide hide away like a scaredycat baby
To look in this mirror and see my shitty face
Hide hide away like a scaredy baby
Big man stands brave to the wind, yah!
Brave man stands jerkin’ with his mouth , oh yeah!
I’ll buy a train to Honolee, run away from these daydreams
Hide hide away like a scaredycat baby
To look in this mirror and see the man I want to be
Hide hide away like yesterday’s crazy
Big brave man stands bleeding from his neck, ho
Fat dumb man crouches like a bug
Big drunk man fears none for his life
Dim chin boy trembles like leaf, oh yeah!

Free delivery
I need a little fun and games
I’m so sick of profanity
I can’t sleep a fucking wink tonight
Alls I needs a little help to sleep
I have a bone that goes so low it stalls my balls and rips my lips
I have bone that is so weak it bends and bends until breaks
I want a lot a food to eat
I need a lot of beer to drink
I want a sexy girl to sleep with me
I want a better girl to marry me
I have a bed inside my head to tuck away the walking dead
I know the dead inside my head only spread when I bled
And when I bled, inside my head, the walking dead were then lead
In the bed where I slept and fled the bed from where I tread
If those that died stood side-by-side I think we find those that tried
To live and live, then cried and died, like a spider starved of flies
And if that spider chowed a fly, a little soul to heaven go
Or maybe scream a little scream, and then me, I’d be free.
A hundred days ago
It all flew away
There’s nothing left for me
There’s no free delivery
Yah yah!

Out of the way
I walked along, a long golden path
I had luck without the uphill climb
But now its done and I’m alone again and I wish this film end
Cause I’ve got her stuck on my mind.
I crawled along a filthy city block, and I cried when the curtain dropped.
But I sit and stare at the smoky air, and I wish I could breath,
But there’s this girl standing on my feet.
I feel a weight upon my brain, how can I escape
And I know I’ll never move ahead until that day she’s gone, out of the way, OK
My past keeps digging out my brain, and her memory keeps away
From the sick and wrong of reality and this curse on head, someone please get this leash off my neck. Break!
But she lives to torture my soul, how can I refuse
And she says I could fly astray, but I can’t move until she’s out of the way. OK!

He says he’s coming home, to look for his kids
Overboy shit his pants, dumped his can of schlitz
Drank so much, and drank so hard, than shook like a freak
Overman come home, Overman please, do it to me now!
Please, Overman come home, He’s Overman coming now.
Lurking like a spider, he waits for his prey
Four horsemen joined his ranks, calling for doomsday
Popped a pop, flipped a cap, then screamed for his pop
Overman come home, overman please, do it to me now
Please Overman, come home. That’s Overman going now.

Thanksgiving Day
I sucked down her philosophy and now she wants to set me free.
But she has it wrong and now she’s long gone today
I feel like I’m going to choke on this
But she says that’s OK, you never loved me anyways
But she’s wrong at it flips out my brain and I think why I can’t I have this back
I stumbled for this tricky dis and now I think I’m going to miss.
Every single day that I can’t kiss that face goodbye
When you laughed when we fucked by the tub
Now I wish you cried, now I wish you cried
But I know that would be joke, here on thanksgiving day. Thanks a lot for nothing Ms. Why.
Can we pack another bowl to numb this little pathetic soul
Cause I want to breathe again, I’m sick of being straight all day
I slept alone tonight
But it didn’t matter anyway, I couldn’t get to sleep at all
Now it rips, and it flips out my brain and I think why can’t I have this backLove/sex relationship
What do you think you mean to me, I only want you under me.
I don’t want to fall in love, I just want to fuck.

Well, mister says he’s gone for good, buy you never know for sure
He messed around when he wants, instead of acting good
He tries hard like the man of steel, but never found Godot
I think that he is leaving now, only if he can
He wants to go to bed, he don’t want to play
I don’t think you’ll pump my rocks, even if you try
God is looking down on me and I think he feels shame
I know I never missed a shot when I was seventeen
I few years later, I’m shot down, my balls aren’t even clean
I’ve wasted years, wasted beer, racked up sad regrets
Now I sit and hold my breath, my sheet are soaking wet.
I don’t try anymore, why stand up?
I don’t fool anyone, why fool myself
God is looking down on me and I think he feels shame
I know its not enough to live like a germ, I know its not enough to bitch like I do.
I don’t want to know
We live in a day dream, with nothing to do.
I know its going to break, I know its going break.

I don’t need you
I don’t need you, you don’t need me, we don’t need us
Oh oh oh oh
I thought I’d die, but not anymore, so fuck you
I see you and laughing and laughing at my tears
I wonder if I get and put all the way
I don’t need you
I don’t that hurt, I’m that hurt, I’m not that sick
Racecar!I wanted a little spec of mind, I asked for the truth eat
You gave nothing for my head but drugs for my pain
I have this time to hide and die, hide and cry.

Jokes over
I read the book, and I saw the show, but everytime she tried to sing I’d swear I’ve that melody before
When we laughed at all all the time, all the silly whims that left my head
But everytime I want to stand someone always grabs my hands, I really have to go.
I think the joke is over now
I laughed out loud, and I drank my fill, but my head is aching. I’m kind of tired I want to go home.
To the place where I sleep. Where I’ll sleep with alone, and know one is near me
And everytime I been afraid, I never thought that I would say, I think I need a break…
I think the joke is over now.

Sing me a lullaby that will make me fall in love.
Sing me a silly song that never lets me down.
I will buy a little flower chain. so we can tie ourselves up, again and again.
We will fight tomorrow. We will sleep tonight, all right
Make me a magic cup that takes away my thirst.
Give me some medicine that takes away my hurt,
I will buy a little flowerbed so we can lie down and pretend that we’re friends.

Party favor
Party favor who you gonna fuck tonight?
Party favor ring a ding a ding all night!
Would you bed a little drunky monkey?
Your underpants would be, skunky and funky.
Party favor, what is hot and shiny?
We all bet its your vaginy!
We’ll put antlers on your head
We’ll put lipstick on your butt
We’ll pretend your Patsy Cline
Eating dogs with salty nuts!
Would you munch on my inky dinky
Then we’ll put your thumb somewhere stinky
My liver, my spleen, its all obscene
She’s taken a punch in the poop machine
Pow pow Pow and bang bang bang
Goes yankee doodle on my ging

Impossible to call this shot, as elephants came marching in again. All mad. All Mad!
It seems that they were drunk as fuck, and drunken elephants are junk, for sure.
It funny they showed up
I never thought they would
Be in my parade. My animal pizza party. My personal managerie. My funny zoo!
Rhinos came to sing along this Overman’s funny song for me. That’s no joke.
And everytime a rhino sighs a band of children bleed and die. It’s a lie!
Its funny they work out.
I never seen such arms
They’re so big.
Like a woodpeckers wood pecker. Like seas slugs dealing free drugs. Like a shivering, quivering sea aenome going to see an enemy. Like Fellini making a pannini. Its funny.

Spider Eggs.
The queen master layer was both the architect of the plan, and a proponent of the unidicted co-ejaculator theory. The moment you stop drinking is the moment you start hanging over. I had an unusual appetite for destruction. He's universally incompentent in all the activities he ignores. Call off the attack dogs of human kindness. March came in like a jerk. After Panthalasas the super-ocean, pangea the super-continent, we all went through the great dying.

Every word
Every word reminds of you
Every word I thought that was true
I know we’ll never be the same again.
I thought you tried to change
When I took you back
You’re just about deranged
A perfect heart attack
I know its long, gone gone..
You’ve been a poison dart
A pain in my gut
You’ve been a fire brand
You’ve been corrupt

Keep your voices down
Keep your voices down. Baby’s trying to sleep
Keep you voices down. Come here, come see
Why we talk so much, why we drink so much, drink so much
Keep your voices down. My baby’s trying to sleep
Cause when we make a sound -sound, our hearts start sinking down
To far to go , You know its true
To much to drink. You know we do
Why we talk so much, yell so much, cry out loud
Keep your voices down. My baby’s trying to sleep
Cause when we make a sound – sound, Our hearts start sinking down down
When the feelings rise, you’ll wrap around, and wonder just where she lies
The sun comes up, and the world goes round, and I wonder why the flowers die
But I feel alive with the sound of the falling snow
Dancing like a fool on this American holiday
Sleep tonight, baby. Sleep tonight, were headed down down down.
Shit, we’ve scared my baby
She could wake and rise – rise
But I feel alive with the sound of the falling snow
And I wonder why we dance tonight, through the windy rain,
Moving like a thief who knows his role, his song, his plight.

I’ll go alone
I see the new stopwatch
I see me fade away
I never know for sure
This thing ends today
Cause I think its going to my head again,
I am so sick of all this shit – ultimatums
Cause I face the day and I’m all by myself
And I say what the fuck is going on each and every day
I see the new leader
I see me slip away
I’m all ass and elbow
I’m dust today
I’ll go alone, again!
I heard the new sonar
I felt my heart falling down
I walked on the sidewalk
I left this shitty town
I’ll go alone, again!

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