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Corrections v2: 11/17/99
Corrections v1: 11/03/99

Mistakes on the Disc Jackets

This page is dedicated to mistakes I've found in the TASM CDs. I am very well considering explicating all of the mistakes I've made in life beyond the typos listed here.

I'm not including mistakes made on this web site, as those are easily corrected. I'm prompted to do this because I just recieved the first 1,000 copies of "Penisgeek" and realized that the name of my "band" is mispelled on the front cover.

The Collectors Item:
200 of the Penisgeek CDs have the "y" missing from "laboratory". A fuck-up by the disc manufacturers.
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
My nice friend, Donna, assured me that these will now be a collectors item. After I realized it wasn't my own dumb fault, I didn't care too much.

Symantic trouble:
Even though I wanted Dick and Ruby to be confused about the difference between metaphors and analogies (She made a simile), I was actually mistaking analogies for similies. My friend, Brent, zoomed in on the last day of recording and corrected me. I actually didn't believe it until I looked it up. Brent was right, but the recording was finished
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
I was able to change the title, making it seem intentional and even more the confusing and witty than the original idea.

Dumb graphic mistake:
The right spine on "Thing and Nothing" is upside down
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
Easy fix. Turn disc upside down

Painting oops:
On the back cover of Thing and Nothing, I had intended Simon's body to cover Christmas's private parts. After half way through the painting, the coverage didn't happen. I was too far into the painting to change it.
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
People like seeing the 'giny every so often.

God damn homophones:
In the lyric sheet for Thing and Nothing, during "viscous pillows for density heads" I mispell "waist", instead spelling out "waste". The line is "bathtub circles around round waste". Originally, the line was meant to describe the motions of a women's sexy, warm torso in a warm bathtub. With the typo, it suggest a terd is floating in the water.
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
Romantic scene with terds will appeal to some fetish groups.

Wrong Number:
The telephone number on the jacket for "Thing and Nothing" is indeed nothing. I had the number running for a month and realized I couldn't afford it. The sales of discs now barely pay for keeping the P.O. Box open.
Reassurance that I can still lead a normal life:
Lesson learned: Keep infrastructure low if you don't plan on making any money.

More to come as they are discovered. Send your fuck-ups to info@tasmlab.com. Thanks.

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