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TASM Lab is a veil of an independent production company that produces music, art, and other things wild, adulty and smart. Powered by the fellows, bully bands: The Hudson Debacle; Screwtape; Overman, and the artist himself . MORE... or about...

April 27, 2015

Still no new music, although I did write a really boring song last week. tasmlab.com is 20 years old this year.

I have worked on some audio here at this site:

My worldview blog site with perspectives on peaceful cooperation and education: Jeff Till's Five Hundred Years.

January 5, 2012

Eh, I've got nothing. I've updated my personal history, which I do every year but it is really just for me to read. The first version of this site was launched SEVENTEEN years ago. Holy shit. Maybe I'll go record something. Peace!

September 17, 2009

Today is the day, punkers and posers alike, the brand new TASM Lab album is OUT THE BRAMBLES OF HELL is released. Read all about it, but be sure to BUY A COPY ASAP, or at least download some soon!

Releasing another album just a year after the last looks like amazing progress, but truth be told, I've been working on this slowly since 2003 and there is even a song from 1999 written on it.

The painting is unfinished, started in 2006 (yikes).

Anyways, enjoy this one. It's a shockah!

June 25, 2008

Let it be known that today is the day the new TASM Lab album AN ADULTY ADIPISCI is released. Read all about it, but be sure to BUY A COPY ASAP, or at least download some soon!

June 13, 2008

I'm ramping up to release my new album "An Adulty Adipisci". It won't be officially out for a few more weeks, but I'm doing the TASMLab.com updates as I find time. I'll be sure to make a PU about it on Leonstemple.com when it's ready for sale.


Dec 1, 2007
Does anything happen in a year?

Over a year has gone by without a real update, but it let it be known that I've dutifully updating LEONSTEMPLE.com, the fun Kzoo rock site. It's almost a year old itself. Yow! Anyways, that's been covering most of the fellow news, I guess.

In November of 2006, I had the second demo of the new tasmlab album complete, and now a year later its still not done. It's been split into two projects. That said, work has been done on both and I move closer yet to a release date. Here's hoping for 2008. I also started a painting in December of last year which remains unfinished a year later.

But boy, Jeff Jr. is going to be born in less than 30 days and my daughter is 2 1/2 this month. My day job is going well.

Not much has seemingly been done by the fellows either, except that fellow BANKS is also close to Jr time, and XAVI is a professor now, and MICHELLE visited once, and BRENT got married, and MIKE's building a house-of-sorts, and BECK has a girlfriend, and CHRIS BRYERS released his new album. But that's it.

Go visit the Temple and leave a message. I'll write again before another year passes.


March 25, 2007

There's a new site that is launching now that is a fan-site/homage/archive of the 1993-ish era of Kalamazoo music and all its relations forward and backward. LeonsTemple.com - check it out . Tasmlab.com, this site, has often had some gravity in this area as TI sites came and went and since this has just been consistently up since the ninties. That said, this new site will hopefully be able to better serve the ole' kzoo community. Also, some natural networking was already happening as the musicians-now-adults all have computers and myspace accounts and such. We're hoping this will focus / direct this phenom. I think it will be neat to preserve the antiquities of the era (all that music that remains out of print) as well as create a platform for us still-active noncarreerist noodlers.

November 18, 2006

TASM Fellows XAVIER AND KIM SIEMENS where on campus last weekend, building fires and telling baby jokes. The Siemens live in California, where they moved recently, so Xavi could work at CalTech with famous physisists.

Bizzarelly, my mother bought me a huge physics course by mail. 12 hours of lecture on string theory. Its my 36th birthday coming up soon soon.

I'm not exactly sure what the point of ME having a myspace.com site, since for my 'band' I have this site with over 1,500 files, and a personal site almost as large (happytills.com). But I have TWO now, one I set up as a non-musician's site by mistake www.myspace.com/tasmlab oops, and then I set up the musician's site www.myspace.com/tasmlabmusic. Add me to your 'friends' list I guess.

Perhaps the interesting aspect of filling out a Myspace profile is that it forces a person to define their character, fairly suscintly, by their media consumption. How do you pick out a handful of movies, bands, books and TV shows that show your character? And then, what if you like the same shit that everybody likes? Really, how interesting can it be that a 70's-born boy likes STAR WARS? Yet its has to make the short list of media that defines the fabric of character. So you liked MEMENTO or The GODFATHER? Super. So does everybody on the planet. Maybe that's the point, to show us how ordinary every single soul is, even the ones that want to be wierd.

On a related note, you can see all sorts of folks on there, including an OVERMAN page fellow CRAIG VERITY set up. Also up there are fellows CHRIS BRYERS, MATT SAHLGREN, COLIN BRADFORD, CHARLES BRADFORD and MANDY NEUBACKER. Also are folks like FAQ, THE SINATRAS, KEVIN OBERLIN, MELISSA MIHAIL (congratulations on your recent wedding!), JOBY PURUCKER and STEPHEN LYNCH.

Speaking of MATT, I finally got a copy of his last CD, the RURAL ELECTRIFICATION ACT. Good stuff!

Speaking of LyNCH, his broadway show closes soon and I haven't been down to see it. I feel bad. He was nominated for a Tony awared for chrissakes.

Speaking of christ (difficult segue) By gum, I also saw CHRISTOPHER LEE here in Massachusetts. He's running a guitar store on the wicked North Shore. I guess he was touring with FILTER or FUEL for a while, although I'm not sure in what capacity.

I even heard from Kevin Oberlin, who's FAULTLINE band management agency seems to be doing real well. He's sort of got the nineties club circuit, managing the LEMONHEADS and the BREEDERS and other almost old-timey college bands from that era.

Fellows BRENT OBERLIN and MIKE ROCHE are on my fantasy football league. So are Craig and Dave. I'm DFL.

Fellow D. AUSTIN NASH got a new job, earning large. He's scheduled to record an electric guitar solo on the very momentus and very real TASM LAB # 7 project, tentatively titled "The Attack Dogs of Compassion".

All the stuff that was coming last post has happened. TOOLMASTER (JOEL JOHNSON) and his wife MARIA and daughter MILLER came for an extended visit. I'm sure back in 1991 Joel and I would never guess that we'd hang out and watch our daughters play together. Especially now that he lives in Sweden. Miller and ADELAIDE are only six weeks apart and both cute toeheads. It was a parent trap, the little twins played nice the whole time.

Yup, and WALTER and MARCY got married and so did LIZ and JUSTIN and so did Xavi and Kim. DAN ROE is moving, maybe even moved already. Fellow CHRIS BECK is still awesome.

GEOFF and MOLLY HALSEY had their baby - ARTHUR HALSEY. Congratulations!

I started playing Star Wars Battlefront II, but I'm not sure I like it. It was a Christmas present.

Craig got a new drumset and is reportedly playing with a new band in Portland OR. Can't wait!

Fellow-in-brevity NATALIE BEVERSLUIS wrote. She's still fiddlin' away somewhere.

TASM Lab music is now up on iTunes and many other download sites for sale. Of course, you can buy the whole catalog here for much cheaper, and can download 90% of it for dead fucking free. Go Pats!, xxoo Jeff

June 1, 2006

Another six months closer to death. I've fixed the board so hopefully no more robots will post here. You have to do one of those 'write in the crooked letters' thingies.

See what TASM friend DAN ROE, formally of DESECRATOR is up to: http://www.danroe.net/music.html. He recorded here at my new studio earlier this Spring, but he chucked those and went wild recording himself. There's a version of TI's "FAMOUS MISTAKE" there. Also all of his kinetic sculpture.

TOOLMASTER is visiting in July.

CRAIG VERITY moved to Portland with his girlfriend (picture in previous post).

TASM Fellows XAVIER SIEMENS and KIM ORIEL are getting married this month. Two weeks!

WALTER is also getting married. I went to his bachelor party in Montreal last weekend.

the HALSEY'S are going to have a baby!

There's lots of stuff for old Kzooans at Leppotone!.

Big wet kiss and a get well card to BRENT OBERLIN.

Someone should buy Sam and Meeta's CONDO. Jen and I did the awesome pictures and website.

Fellow CHRIS BECK is still awesome.

I hope everyone is well. Thanksadoodle! >> Jeff

January 1, 2006

Happy new years, friends and family! I appreciate all the nice posts people have been leaving on the discussion board. Boy oh boy have I been busy doing not much but wiping baby drool off of my face. I have a cool new artists studio now and have started working on a new song, but by gum am I slow slow slow. And useless too. But I sold my condo.

Every year since 1999 I've been writing a simple year biography which unemotionally lists things that happened over the year. The PERSONAL HISTORY still remains on TASMlab.com, but it may move to Happytills.com in the future, pointing tasmlab.com more towards the art site (museum?????) that it is.

I hope everyone is well. Thanksadoodle! >> Jeff

November 5, 2005
I'm moving and will be without Internet for weeks. Can it be done? Please buy my condo.

October 18, 2005

As people close to me know, and I'm delighted to say, my first daughter ADELAIDE RUDLPH TILL was born on July 23, 2005. She is perfect, beautiful, healthy and all mine. She's my favorite thing in the world. Details at www.happytills.com.

I always think I should turn this little update into more than a list of events. Maybe give some perspective of thought. Not now.

I bought a new house and will be moving soon. In my new giant house I will have tons of space for baby toys and TASM Lab. The space includes 1600 square feet of beautiful studio space (the workspace alone is almost as big as my current condo, plus I have a basement, another basement, an attic, and a 3,400 SF HOUSE). I will also be regrettably further away from the ocean (a whole town) and the Boston (38 miles). Its a great house and now I have to sell my current condo, which isn't going well. Please contact me if you want to buy it (1,800 SF, 3 beds, 2 full baths, ocean views, patio space, cute nursery, $370K or best offer)

I've been working (regular day job suckery) like a mule. Feel sorry for me. I have two mortgages. My health insurance is $1,100 a month (really - I live in MASSACHUSETTS). Don't feel sorry for me. I did manage to launch realtorcontact.com and lendercontact.com, plus some other stuff.

I'm a football maniac. I can't help it. Pats are 3-3. My fantasy football team (unbelievably) is 3-2.

TASM Fellow KEVIN BANKS started school for his Masters. Fellow CHRIS BECK visited. TASM Fellow BRENT OBERLIN wrote to tell me he's the first one to know where the name "Mashpee" came from. Good job Brent! My sister got a dog and named it after herself. MICHELLE GRAF sent a card.

Maybe there's more. Hugs, Jeff.


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